Change the Buttons

Two Forceps Strategy

To utilize two sets of forceps to expel the catch. Snatch the back part immovably with one sets, at that point get the catch divide with the other match. trousers hook and bar closures

Contort one side of the fasten to discharge the front and over from each other.

Screwdriver and Pincers Technique

Embed the leader of the screwdriver in the middle of the back of the bolt. Work it around a little to help relax the bolt. Presently utilize the pincers on the bolt top contort it all over to discharge it from the base of the bolt.

Wire Cutters Strategy

A few sewers have detailed that they utilize a couple of overwhelming obligation wire cutters to cut the stud off. The strategy is to work at within end of the stud, work the edge into the post and cut it off there.

Repairing the Gap

The gap in the texture where the stud used to be can exhibit an issue for including another stud. You can utilize coordinating string and crisscross forward and backward finished the subsequent gap to close it. On the off chance that the gap is too substantial to close well by that strategy, you might need to reinforce it by sewing a piece of texture to the underside.

Presently you are prepared to include another catch or stud.

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